Frequently Asked Questions

Membership Questions
Frequently Asked Questions regarding Membership.

Membership and MLS fees cover July 1 through June 30.

Membership and MLS renewal bills are sent in May and the payment is normally due by June 30.

  • First, login to using your Paragon User ID and password.
  • Then, click on the "Pay Dues Online" link under Membership Tools (located on the right side bar).

  • If you have any problems logging in to our website or paying your bill online, please contact technical support at (925) 730-7100 Monday through Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. If you need after hours support please contact us.

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    In order to join, you must complete and return a membership application, which has been signed by your broker. You can submit it to us, along with a Visa or MasterCard, via fax, mail, or you can schedule an appointment to bring it in.
    Simply visit the Membership Document section by clicking here.
    The fees to join are prorated on a monthly basis and billed annually. You will find a breakdown of these fees listed in the application for the month you are joining on the membership forms and document page.
    Our MLS covers all of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.
    Yes. You are required to carry the same type of membership your broker carries. This is a rule of the National Association of REALTORS®.
    Your broker must be a member in order for you to join, unless you have a broker’s license.
    We only offer annual memberships. However, upon joining and renewing your Realtor membership, you will have the option to pay in installments.
    Questions and Answers regarding Education and Professional Development.

    The Department of Real Estate can assist you in the process of renewing your real estate license. You can visit their website at or (213) 897-3399.

    The Association offers correspondence packages through various sources to complete the 45 hours of continuing education required to renew agents’ and brokers’ license. Click to view a list of courses offered or call 925-730-4075.

    For information regarding license renewal requirements and continuing education, click here.

    All new members are required to attend the mandatory training classes, unless they have attended them at another association or MLS that uses Paragon.
    You can listen to some Paragon tutorials, which are available on our website. However, the mandatory trainings are not yet available for online attendance.
    Keys and Lockbox
    Frequently asked questions regarding Keys and Lockboxes.
    Alameda County, Contra Costa County, Santa Clara County, San Francisco County, the Peninsula, Monterey, Carmel and Santa Cruz. *Bay East Members can use their keys with Central Valley boxes also; However, they cannot be used with Metrolist boxes.
    A manual eSync can be performed to update the key, by completing the following steps:
    1. Press Enter on your key
    2. Scroll Down to Manual Esync / press enter
    3. Sit the key back on the cradle
    4. Please Note: Manual esync's cannot be done if the member is talking on the same phone line the cradle is connected to. It will take about 90 seconds for the key to finish updating.

    Error codes help you identify what is wrong with your key. Your key will store the last five error codes that were reported. To view these codes:

    • Press "enter" to turn your key on
    • Scroll to "error codes"
    • Press "enter"

    You will see up to five error codes displayed. It will also display how many times this error occurred, the numbering begins at zero. For example if your key displays "0700 0601" it is telling you that error code 7 occurred once, and error code 6 occurred twice.

    Here is a list of some of the most common error codes:

    Error Code Description
    01 Login error-perform e-sync again
    04 Modem error-reset cradle
    05 Check e-sync phone number
    06 No dial tone check phone line
    07 Phone line busy-perform e-sync again
    08 No answer-perform e-sync again
    19 No phone line-check phone
    20 Phone line in use-verify phone line is not in use and e-sync again
    27 Key is expired-update key
    71 Incorrect PIN
    72 Incorrect shackle code

      Error Code Document

      Error Code Document Save!
    There are few different ways to monitor your lockboxes. You can find detailed instructions on how to do so by clicking here.

    If you are a MetroList® or BAREIS member, you do not have to join our MLS to cooperate your key. Click here for the application.

    If you are not a member of MetroList® or BAREIS, you are required to become a member of the MLS.

    Click here for a list of certified eKEY devices.

    You can upgrade to the new eKEY service at the Bay East offices at any time. The annual fee is $165 for the eKEY Basic and $290 for the eKEY Professional.

    Should you terminate your key service prior to the end of the lease term, the leased iBoxes you received in exchange for the AEII boxes will have to be returned to the Association.
    When logging into SupraWeb be sure to enter the serial number on the back of your key and your four digit key pin number to login. Do NOT use your lockbox serial number and shackle code.
    Paragon MLS
    Questions and Answers regarding the Paragon MLS system.
    Visit Your user ID is your 9 digit Bay East Member number and your password is what ever you have chosen. If you do not remember your user ID and Password, call our Technical Support Department at (925) 730-7100 or email You can also click on "I Forgot my Password" directly from the Paragon sign-in page.

    You can call system support at 925-730-7100 Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

    To insure privacy, it is recommended that once you receive your member ID and password that you change your assigned password to a personal one. Follow these steps and you can change your password.

    • Go to the Paragon Login page, (do not login)
    • Click on “I Need to change my password” and follow the prompts

    These steps will change your password. If you need more help please contact our tech support at 925-730-7100.

    When you are changing your listing to pending and the Buyers Agent is out of the area the agent ID which your going to use is 206599999.

    As a Paragon user, you can only withdraw/cancel a listing. If you need help changing the status call 925-730-7100 or fax the information to 925-730-0266.

    No, once the listing has expired you can not change the listing. The Multiple Listing Department can make the changes to your listing in order to reflect the proper status by faxing the information to Roya at 925-730-0266 or email her here!
    1. Login to Paragon
    2. Click on “Search” tab on top
    3. Under the “Specialty Search” Column, click on “Tour and Open House”
    4. Select your date range and criteria you are looking for
    5. Click on “Count”
    6. Click on “Search”
    • Login to Paragon
    • Click on Listings
    • Click on Maintain Listing
    • Click on Select an Action next to your listing
    • Click on Tour Listing
    • Select the Tour you want to cancel
    • On upper right corner hit the DELETE button
    • Click OK/Save

    This will remove the date and time of your tour. If you needed more help please contact our Tech Support Department at 925-730-7100.

    While viewing the listing in Paragon, hit the correction button located on the listing menu. When the email form appears, enter a brief description of the violation and send. The listing will then be sent to the appropriate compliance department and you will be notified once the listing has been corrected. If you have any questions, contact Sheena Francisco at (925) 730-1071 or click here to email. All information is confidential.
    A variety of FREE Paragon training classes are offered in the technology center at the Association office every month. Click here for our training calendar. If you have more questions please call Nicole at 925-730-4069.
    The Exclusive Waiver Form, click here to print the form. If the seller refuses to permit the listing to be disseminated by the service, the listing broker shall submit to the service within 3 days an approved certification signed by the seller that the seller does not authorize the listing to be disseminated by the service during the specified waiver period.
    All input sheets and related documents can be found in the MLS Forms Section

    The Expiration Alert Program is an effective tool that helps manage your real estate listings by alerting you via email prior to the listings' expiration. If you need help setting this up, please call 925-730-7100.

    The system will send an email to the address you have registered within Paragon one, three, five or seven days prior to the expiration date of your active listings. The email you receive will contain the MLS number, Listing Address and the Expiration Date.
    • Modify your settings at any time, or turn off all notifications.
    • Select how many days in advance you would like to receive emails.
    • Receive alerts at up to 3 email addresses or devices.
    • Send Alerts to cellphone via text message - Learn How Here!
    Add an Open House in Paragon
    1. Login to Paragon
    2. Click on “Listing” tab on top
    3. Under the Maintain column, click on “Listing”
    4. Click on “Select an Action”
    5. Click on “Open House”
    6. Click on “Add New”
    7. Enter the date and time of your open house
    8. Enter your comments
    9. Click on “save”
    Search for an Open House in Paragon
    1. Login to Paragon
    2. Click on “Search” tab on top
    3. Under the “Specialty Search” Column, click on “Tour and Open House”
    4. Select your date range and criteria you are looking for
    5. Click on “Count”
    6. Click on “Search”

    You can also do a public search for open house information at

    1. Login to Paragon
    2. Click on “Listing” tab on top
    3. Under the Maintain column, click on “Listing”
    4. Click on “Select an Action”
    5. Click on “Picture Administration”
    6. Click on the image on the upper right hand corner of each box
    7. Click on “Browse”
    8. Find the photos
    9. Click on “upload”

    Did you know that one of the top 3 MLS violations is not adding photos of the property? Per the MLS Rule you must have a minimum of one photo/image of the front exterior of the property attached to the listing unless directed otherwise in writing by the seller. The photo/image must be added within three (3) days of the listing being entered into the MLS.

    Q: Can you take a photo from another listing and add it into yours?
    A: Use of photographs by a subsequent listing agent requires prior written authorization from the originating listing agent or appropriate party.

    Q: Can I brand the photographs?
    A: Branding of photographs with any information or additional images is prohibited.

    MLS Rule, Section 11.5

    a) Photographs on the MLS. By submitting photographs to the MLS, the participant and/or subscriber represents and warrants that it either owns the right to reproduce and display these photographs or has procured such rights from the appropriate party, and has the authority to grant and hereby grants the MLS and the other participants and subscribers the right to reproduce and display the photographs in accordance with these rules and regulations. Use of photographs by a subsequent listing agent requires prior written authorization from the originating listing agent or appropriate party. Branding of photographs with any information or additional images is prohibited.

    b) Properties entered into the MLS in categories: Residential, Mobile Home, Residential Income, Lease rental, Commercial Residential Multi units 5+, Commercial for Sale, and Commercial for lease must have a minimum of one photo/image of the front exterior of the property attached to the listing unless directed otherwise in writing by the seller. The photo/image must be added within three (3) days of the listing being entered into the MLS.

    Adobe Flash on Mobile Devices
    Questions about Adobe Flash on your mobile device

    Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video, and interactivity to web pages. It is also used to build web based applications.

    Adobe Flash Player is software for viewing multimedia, internet applications and streaming video/audio on a computer web browser.

    Adobe Mobile Flash (Flash Player for Android) is software that allows viewing multimedia, Internet applications and streaming video/audio on a smartphone or tablet.

    Android is an operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. It is developed by the Open Handset Alliance, led by Google, and other companies.

    iOS is an operating system for Apple mobile devices such as iPhone and iPad. It is developed by Apple.

    Mobile Flash does not work on Apple devices like the iPad or iPhone that are using the Apple iOS.

    Mobile Flash (Flash Player for Android) works on selected Android devices. Here is a list of devices that Mobile Flash is certified to work on.

    On June 28, 2012, Android announced that version 4.1 of the operating system, codenamed Jelly Bean, will not support Mobile Flash. From August 15, 2012, it will not be possible to install Flash Player onto Android devices, and only devices with Flash already installed will be updated.

    What does this mean?

    This means that for mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, the ability to access and use Flash based applications and view Flash based video will gradually disappear as consumers upgrade to newer Android devices or select Apple devices.

    For Bay East members, this already means that applications like MORE 2.0 and ReInsight Tax will not work on iPhones and iPads. Nor will these programs work with any Android devices using version 4.1 or later of the Android operating system including the recently released Google Nexus 7 tablet.

    Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author's profile page and delivered to the author's subscribers who are known as followers. Senders can restrict delivery to those in their circle of friends or, by default, allow open access

    Description Found on Wikipedia

    Social Media is a term for websites (such as, and and online applications that connect you with others.
    1. Go to and log in
    2. Type your update into the "What are you doing" box
    3. Click the update button
    Facebook is a website that allows users to add friends, send them messages, update their personal profiles, join networks and groups and more.
    Linked in is a business-oriented social networking site that is mainly used for professional networking.
    Clarus™ MarketMetrics provides real estate agents with a powerful, yet easy-to-use, set of reports that provide real-time market trend and pricing information in a highly visual format. They are ideal collateral for listing presentations; price reduction conversations; and educating buyers to price-points.
    Clarus™ MarketMetrics increases the REALTOR®’s market expertise and enhances professionalism. Clarus™ MarketMetrics helps REALTORS® present and establish a market-appropriate listing price and helps create a shared understanding of market trends and dynamics with their client
    You can only access data for a participating MLS/Association, which you are a member of in good standing.
    6 graph reports (listed below) and 1 explanatory report.
    • Median Sold Price (2 year period)
    • Supply & Demand (For Sale vs. Sold – 2 year period)
    • Sales Rate (Month Supply of Inventory vs. DOM – 2 year period)
    • Price Distribution – Last 12 months
    • Estimated Price Range – Sold Properties Last 3 Months
    • Estimated Price Range – Properties Currently For Sale
    There is no cost for Bay East Members to use Clarus Market Metrics it is a member benefit.
    Reports are delivered in PDF format to your email address almost immediately upon purchase. To view PDF files, simply download Acrobat Reader (
    Currently, you cannot save your property search criteria. Reports are delivered in PDF format via email and can be saved to your local computer.
    Yes, you can save the PDF files that are delivered to your email and reprint them at your convenience at no additional cost.
    1. Go to
    2. Click the "register" button
    3. Create an account using your username and password that you use to access Paragon.
    4. Enter your search criteria to generate your customizable set of reports.
    Email us at or call Technical Support at (925) 730 - 7100.
    Email us at or call Technical Support at (925) 730 - 7100.

    Did you know that Clarus MarketMetrics can be help in the appraising of a house? By simply adding the "Average DOM" to the "Months Supply of Inventory" in a Clarus MarketMetrics Report, you can get statistics needed to complete the Market Conditions Addendum to the Appraisal Report.

    Follow these simple steps to generate a report that will help you complete the Market Conditions Addendum in an Appraisal Report.

      How To:
    1. Login to Clarus at:
    2. Click "Go to Market Dynamics".
    3. Select/Enter the Required Search Filters (Property Type, Areas, Time Period)
    4. Click "Go to My Reports".
    5. Click "Next" to go to the second page of thumbnail charts.
    6. Click "Chart 8 of 8" entitled Months Supply of Inventory.
    7. Click the checkbox "Avg DOM".
    8. To print the chart and the data supporting the chart, click "Print".
    9. Check the chart entitled "Months Supply of Inventory".
    10. Click "Print".

    You now have a two-page report complete with the graph and the data.

      Market Conditions Addendum to the Appraisal Report

      Market Conditions Addendum to the Appraisal Report Save!
    1. Sign into your Point2Agent site at
    2. Choose ‘Edit’ from the drop down menu located on the top Toolbar.
    3. Click the ‘Add a New Page’ link located on the left
    4. Name the new page
    5. Click the ‘Add Content’ link in the center column
    6. Find ‘Advanced Content’ and click “Add to Page”
    7. Enter a Title for the new content
    8. Enter the HTML Code from your T-ReX Partner Toolkit
    9. Choose ‘Sort Menu’ from the ‘Website Editing Tools’ drop down menu
    10. Move the ‘Investor Tools’ Menu up to the Buyers and Sellers

    Congratulations, you are done! This is what your finished website now looks like!

    • You have a new ‘Free Investor Tools’ Tab and Link
    • Clicking the ‘Free Investor Tools’ Tab or Link will open a Content Page
    • The Content Page displays your co-branded web tools, with your partner link already embedded.

      View as .pdf

      View as .pdf Save!

      View Instructions as .pdf

      View Instructions as .pdf Save!

      View Instructions as .pdf

      View Instructions as .pdf Save!
    1. Fill out information to co-brand.
    2. Setup an account.
    3. Gets your unique link.
    4. Copy and paste your unique link into the following code replacing what is bolded.
    5. Add this code between the tags on your own site.

    Questions? Call Bay East Technical Support at (925)730-7100, 7:30am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday.

      View as .pdf

      View as .pdf Save!
    Two Factor Authentication (TFA)
    Frequently asked questions regarding zipForms® 6.

    Go to, and follow the instructions provided for either the "Online" version or the "Desktop" version.

    Click here for zipForm® Plus Instructions

    If you need further assistance please contact technical support at (925) 730-7100 or

    Effective June 19, 2012, REALTORS® who use zipForm® Plus (desktop version) will be required to connect to the internet every 90 days so the program can check their membership. If a user doesn’t connect to the internet or is found to be an inactive REALTOR®, zipForm® Plus will become locked and tell the user to contact their local association to reinstate their membership.

    This new requirement will not affect zipForm® Plus users because their membership is verified each time that they log in through the C.A.R. website.

    Contact the Bay East Member Services department at (925) 730-4060 or to verify your membership status.

    Wireless MLS
    reInsight Mobile is a mobile website that enables real estate professionals to search and retrieve MLS data from a wireless handheld device and provide that information to their prospects and clients anytime and anywhere there is cellular coverage.
    reInsight Mobile is NOT a replacement for Paragon, it is a separate website designed specifically for wireless handhelds allowing instant access to MLS information while in the field.
    1. To access for reInsight Mobile, open the Internet browser on your mobile device and go to: Sign in using your Paragon ID and Password.
    2. reInsight Mobile works on most mobile devices that have access to the web/Internet including phones, however reInsight Mobile provides the best end-user experience on newer smartphones.
    reInsight Mobile runs on any mobile device that supports HTML Internet browsing, but is ideally suited for newer smartphone devices with larger displays and full keyboards.
    Because reInsight Mobile is a website, this means there is absolutely no software to install or download onto your handheld device, and no synchronizations are necessary to run reInsight Mobile.
    reInsight Mobile is carrier independent and works with all the major carriers across North America.
    reInsight Mobile no longer requires you to register for access. To login to the system and begin searching the mls visit and login using your Paragon userid and password.
    Visit our page here


    • ReInsight Guide-Mobile MLS

      ReInsight Guide-Mobile MLS Save!
    IDX (Internet Data Exchange)
    Questions and Answers regarding the Internet Data Exchange Program (IDX)

    You would need to complete our IDX Application which can be found on the IDX Document page, click here. Once fully completed please fax or email the application back to us.

    Once you have established your web site and filed and returned the appropriate forms to the Association, it should take three business days.

    >There is currently no charge from the Association for this service. Your costs are those associated with establishing your web site.

    Yes we do, within the IDX Application you can select "framed link" as one of the choices of IDX.

    You can post Active and Sold information. For a full set of the IDX Rules, please go to, download the MLS Rules, and go to section 12.16.

    There are four things that are especially important in displaying the data on your site:

    1. All listings on a Broker Participant or R.E. Subscriber’s site displayed by framing or other electronic means, shall display the name of the listing firm and the name of the listing agent in a manner designed to easily identify such listing firm or agent.
    2. Information displayed shall indicate the source of the information being displayed and the most recent date updated. Broker Participants and R.E. Subscribers shall update all downloads and refresh all data at least once every 3 days
    3. When displaying listing content, a Broker Participant's or R.E. Subscriber's website must clearly identify the name of the brokerage firm under which they operate in a readily visible color and typeface
    4. If you decide not to display all of the information in the file, a notation must be made that not all information that has been provided about a property is being displayed

    Broker Participants and R.E. Subscribers shall update all downloads and refresh all data at least once every 3 days.

    The listings will be removed within 3 business days of receipt of your Opt Out Form.

    No. You may only display IDX data if your office is an IDX Participant.

    Diverse Solutions
    Did you know that we provide a free frameable IDX solution? This solution can be implemented by anyone who wishes to have search capabilities on his or her own website. There are many new features that this frameable solution provides over the IDX EZ Solution. Below are some answers to questions you might have about the product.
    A: To receive the Diverse Solutions IDX solution, fill out the Participant/Subscriber form located at

    After the form is filled out, fax it to Technical Support at (925) 730-0266. A link will be returned to you which you can then add to your website.

    A: Absolutely not.  This solution is for anyone looking to change their current IDX solution or implement a new one.  If you are happy with what you currently have, you may continue using that solution.

    A: The IDX search capability by Diverse Solutions is free but you will have to get your own website setup from a web-hosting company and pay whatever fees are required for your website setup. There is an enhanced option you can subscribe to from IDX Solutions costing $69.95 which will allow your web site visitors to easily chat via instant message directly with you, the agent, using a desktop application, or via their cell phone.  Either of these two options allow you to capture the visitor as a lead!  Again, you are not required to purchase this enhancement, since the site is already supported by ads on the website. Be assured that these ads have no relationship to the real estate industry.

    A: Some of the features that are offered are:
    • Locating the property on a map;
    • Calculating the mortgage payment;
    • School and neighborhood information; and
    • Email or print capability
    A: You have to be an active Bay East MLS member in order to receive the Diverse Solutions capability.

    A: Below is an example of what the Diverse Solutions IDX looks like.  Clients can use the map to look in specific areas where there are properties available.

    Diverse Solutions Example
    News and Events
    Information on events and current news important to Bay East Members
    Website Troubleshooting
    Items in this category deal with troubleshooting issues with your membership site.

    You may have noticed a new tool on our site called Flashpaper. Using Flashpaper significantly eliminates document loading time and allows you to be more efficient by displaying .pdf documents as quick-loading flash movies. Please note: You must have Flash Player installed in your browser to use this tool. Click here for the free download

    Flashpaper Toolbar

    Print A Document
  • Click the Print button.
  • Select Text
  • Click the 'Select' button.
  • Drag to select text.
  • Hold shift and left-click to select multiple words or lines
  • Search
  • Type into the Search text field.
  • Click the Search button.
  • FlashPaper will find and highlight the first instance.
  • Click search again to go to next instance.
  • Resize / Zoom
  • Use the Zoom slider to set the magnification level, or
  • Enter a specific number in the Zoom text box, or
  • Click the Fit in viewer button to see the entire page, or
  • Click the Fit Width button to resize to viewer page width.
  • Navigate
  • Click the Previous or Next arrow, or
  • Drag the page scroll box, or
  • Type a page number in the Page box.
  • Open In New Window
  • Click the Open in New Browser button.
  • We sync passwords with Paragon daily, so if you have recently changed your password please try your old one.

    If you have not changed your password recently check that you are using the correct case. Passwords on are case sensitive if you are unsure about your password just click Forgot Your Password enter your email address and your UserID and password will be sent to you.

    If you still having issues logging in please contact Bay East technical support at (925) 730-7100 between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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